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The calculators listed below are designed to provide you with an assessment of your insurance and retirement needs as you plan for the future. Each one calculates your current position and future requirements based upon your individual details, and provides you with information on how to reach your financial goals.

Retirement gap calculator

Is there a gap in your retirement savings? Our retirement gap calculator can help you compare how much you have and how long it will last, compared to how much you'll need for the lifestyle you want. Why not find out how your plans are tracking.
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Salary sacrifice calculator

There are two ways you can make contributions to your super - either with pre-tax money (using salary sacrifice) or after tax money. Our calculator helps you compare these two methods by showing the net effect on your take home pay and your super.
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Savings calculator

Our calculator projects how much your savings will be worth over a period of time. It also lets you change your details so you can compare the results and see the difference that saving a little extra can make.
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Budget spreadsheet

Take a look at our budget spreadsheet. There is a simple and a comprehensive version to help you plan no matter what your cirucmstances are.
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