Consolidate your super and save

Consolidate your super and save

With most Australians having four to five different jobs in a lifetime, it can mean that you have multiple accounts and might have lost sight of some of your super. It’s not uncommon - in fact there's more than $16 billion in lost super waiting to be claimed.

And that’s on top of those who have never gotten around to consolidating their super accounts.

Benefits of consolidating your super

Track down and consolidate your super accounts to:

Save money

Paying multiple sets of administration fees over the years could add up to thousands of dollars. Paying only one member fee means additional fees are not eating away at your retirement savings.


For example, if you're paying $5 per month in member fees on three different accounts you're paying at least $180 per year in member fees, instead of just $60.

Enjoy watching your super grow

It’s easier to keep track of the growth of your super savings when all your contributions go into one fund. It allows you to develop a focused and effective retirement investment strategy.

Reduce paperwork

One fund means one statement and less paperwork to manage.

What should you do if you've lost track of your super or want to consolidate?

SuperMatch is the answer. This great new tool can help you track down your super and consolidate without fuss.

You can find all of your super, even the accounts you didn’t know you had, and get it all into the one place – without filling in any forms!

With SuperMatch you can search for any accounts you hold, but may have lost track of, and then consolidate them into your IOOF Employer Super account.

To access SuperMatch, simply log in to your account and click on the ‘Start your super search’ button under ‘Find and consolidate your super’.

  • There’s no need for ID checks and paper forms
  • The search takes less than a minute with results displayed on screen
  • Any super held by the ATO is automatically transferred

Start tracking down your super now. It’s easier than ever before.

Simply log into your account.

1 Source: ATO. Lost and unclaimed super as at 30 June 2017